Map of Dylan's World, and New England Songs?

A fantastic map produced by Slate Magazine details all of the locations that Bob Dylan has mentioned in his songs. It can be found right over here. Sadly, Connecticut is no where to be found, however, he does show up in New England at one point (in Boston at some restaurant).

Manhattan References abound. 

While they might not literally reference specific geographic locations in New England, there are other songs that conjure up New England for me in some way. Don't be alarmed that things get specific. It's all for the sake of the exercise, and the locations are particular to where I've been:

Heatin' up those coffee grounds amidst the snow. . ."On a Night Like This"= Cabin in Vermont's Northeastern Kingdom (Canadian border)

Walking down the road with a fishing pole in your hands and your jeans rolled up to your knees. It might rain. . . "Down the Highway"= Road in Eastern CT, perhaps Rt 16

A scene is observed from a 5th floor apartment . . . "Three Angels"= Chapel St, New Haven, CT, late night

A walk through rolling, pastoral fields of green. . . "Time Passes Slowly"= Northwestern CT (Cornwall, Sharon, Lakeville), rolling fields

An unexpected cabin in the woods. . ."Shelter From the Storm"= Cabin somewhere near Sebago Lake in Maine

Working everyday to keep the bills paid. Driving down that dirt road on the way to work. . . "Dirt Road Blues"= Dirt road in Wilmot, NH

You've got a reflective attitude and a steady hand on the wheel as the sun sets over the Quinnipiac River. The sunset's light reflects off the buildings in downtown New Haven. . . it's autumn. . . "Not Dark Yet"= Sundown, driving over the Q bridge in New Haven, CT

A family vacation is lit by the exicitment of a thunderstorm in the heat and humidity of a high-noon summer day. . . "Thunder on the Mountain"= Mt. Washington, New Hampshire in general

You are trying to camp, watching a family reunion next door with too much alcohol. . . "Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee"= Hammonasset State Park, Madison, CT


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