Hear Mike Cooley, Part Three: "Perfect Timing"

You can revisit previous Mike Cooley (of the Drive By Truckers) songs somewhere around here and right over here. For today's installment, we'll jump into Cooley's excellent "Perfect Timing". This tune is off 2008's fantastic record, Brighter than Creations Dark.

Song Review:
Mike Cooley will never be caught showing off. Never strutting musically, he plays his cards close to his hand, and whips out a few tricks only when he needs 'em. The same rule applies to "Perfect Timing", as we're introduced to a simple acoustic guitar chord sequence with the band steadily following Cooley every step of the way, complete with a bass line that almost seems to hug the song in it's warm embrace. Cooley shows his cards in brief spots, tastefully shredding on the acoustic only when the song calls for it.  Here, Cooley's lyrics are sarcastic, funny, and dark, as he exclaims "perfect timing!" after getting up from another night of playing a show and drinking down a few with the night crowd. Cooley's a bit hungover, and wonders where his life is headed. There's a movie playing in your head on this one, as the countryside rolls by and Cooley gazes out the window somewhere between thoughtfulness and indifference. It's all done with precise and artful execution, as always expected from Mike Cooley. The best line? "I used to hate the fool in me/ but only in the morning/ now I tolerate him all day long".  Listen below:

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