Howlin' Wolf & Changing Ways of Thinking

"Change my Way of Thinking" is a classic Bob Dylan gospel tune. The guitar attacks the listener up front, and in the midst of it's steady and slow assault Bob lays out his new paradigm for living. I believe that Bob used the Howlin' Wolf song "Change my Ways" as an inspiration that bled into "Change my Way of Thinking".

About "Change my Way": Howlin' Wolf is clearly not afraid to document the roadhouse life he's been living all night. Importantly, there's no celebration of the party life here- only regret. He's certainly has a presence about him, almost as if when he walks the earth shakes a little, and a guitar busts out some skeletal blues chords. Meanwhile, there's no mistaking his vocals, he's all presence, all there, and doesn't leave anything to chance. He's a big man in the room and there's no ignoring what he has to say. It's no wonder Bob was inspired by this all night blues man who felt that his ways needed changing as well:

Bob re cut "Change my Way of Thinkin" in 2003-complete with a duet by way of Mavis Staples and changed lyrics & chords. The new chord structure is more blues influenced than the original.

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