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The Stages of Spiritual Life

I came across the idea a few weeks ago, and I think in many ways it has reshaped my thinking about religion and spirituality. Or perhaps it has helped set parameters and given shape to something that I felt was already there. I think this concept- developed by Scott Peck- is worth considering. I see a bit of myself scattered in all the stages.

It's important to note that this idea should be seen as more of a tool for thinking about religion and spirituality, rather than something that should be taken as absolute truth. In other words, I think it enriches and adds to the conversation. It isn't to be all end all theory that everyone and everything fits neatly into.

Break Time: A Few Loose Notes on 95 North. . .

Happy Labor Day 2017! To all the workers out there- the teachers, the janitors, the restaurant workers, cops, firemen, service members, the plumbers, the laundromat attendants, the assembly line workers. . . I hope you were able to find some peace and tranquility today. It is ironic that on labor day, the people most likely to work are those who work low wage and service industry jobs. Anyways, here's to a fall season ahead of refreshment as time continues on. 

I started this blog about a year ago, and have found it to be a meaningful, enjoyable exercise in writing about what I love. What started as a winter weather snow blog transformed into a Bob Dylan machine. From there, I moved into general music commentary, with bits and pieces of theology, religion, books, Connecticut, sports, geography, podcasts, and more scattered in. 

Some history? The page has gotten almost 20,000 unique views. My first post can be found here. The most viewed post was my review of Bob Dylan's show at …

Song for the Weekend: "We All Try"