Singer/ Songwriter Playlist Part 1

1. Everlong (acoustic): Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl is as likable as he is talented. The former Nirvana drummer throws his acoustic into "drop D" tuning here and delivers a perfect, melodic and moving tune that has become an alternative rock touchstone, moving everyone from David Letterman to Miley Cyrus.

2. A Little at a Time: Magnolia Electric Co
The sparse midwest, freight trains, dim lit bars, and regret fill up Magnolia Electric Co's songs. Lead singer, the late Jason Molina, was originally a bass player and thus had an interesting and incredibly unique style in playing the guitar. Random notes seem to fit together like a spray painted boxcar rolling through an Indiana night, as Molina's trademark wind-wandering voice drives asks plenty of questions.

3. They Thought I was Asleep: Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly is a clever, emotive, and efficient songwriter. His voice fits every chord he plays with his steady hands. Here, the Australian masters a few turns of phrase as he explores the dynamics of his family life growing up. A great tune:

4. God's Medicine: John Moreland
I keep telling people how truly great this dude is. The Oklahoman has a voice that cuts right to the truth, leaving no doubt that he is signing from the gut. Not only an accomplished singer, but one of the sharpest writers on the scene. Here, he's in as fine a form as ever:

5. The Mark: Cold Specs
Over a steady fingerpicked melody, Cold Specks deals with the aftermath of something with incredible power and honesty.

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