5 Songs for Summer Scenes

Maybe you'll encounter some of these situations, maybe you won't. Whatever, it won't be tonight!

It's hazy, hot, and humid. It's nighttime, you're dehydrated, and a thunderstorm is on the way. Oh, and you're in New York City. The pavement is wet: "Clap Hands", by Tom Waits. 

You're driving in suburban Atlanta and the AC is cranked to the max. There's heavy traffic, danger on the roads, but hope of fun and travel ahead: "Mighty 'O'", by Outkast. 

Continuing on the from the last scene. . . you're still traveling in Georgia, and the summer heat is searing  right into your head. A bit confused, you head into the parking lot of a motel where you'll spend the night & also where a questionable party is going on by the pool. I should note that this song documents the laments of a lifestyle subdued and defeated by the devil's poison: "Swimming Pools" by Kendrick Lamar

You question middle class, suburban values half buzzed on your couch after a coworkers BBQ. A child plays on the floor, the AC is broken, and a fan buzzes in the living room. You also made some plans you now regret: "Once in a Lifetime", by the Talking Heads. 

It's the beginning of summer, and you walk out of an evening Bible study high on the spirit and socialization. You're headed straight for ice cream in this fine, one horse Tennessee town: "Just a Little Talk with Jesus", by Bill Monroe

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