Bobby's Songs Part 1: Warren Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns, and Money"

Over the years, Bob Dylan has left more than a few hits regarding his favorite music. From Public Enemy to Jenny Lewis to Tom Waits, Bob has left little doubt as to what he's listening to. A trail of breadcrumbs has been left in interviews, Bob's radio show Theme Time Radio Hour, and in his memoir Chronicles Volume I. Accordingly, go ahead an plug your headphones in, and remember to keep the bass and treble at bay: it's time for part one of the series "Bobby's Songs ". Today, we're checking out Warren Zevon's hit tune "Lawyers, Guns, and Money". 

Here, we have a true fist raising rock n' roll tune, apparent right from the start. It sounds like Springsteen, but don't be fooled:Warren Zevon is a smartass, not earnest and eager like Bruce. In some way, one gets the sense that Zevon's a music prodigy who's above it all. Over this rollicking guitar riff, Zevon invents an amazing phrase-"Send lawyers, guns and money!"-as he pokes fun at a international one percenter who has faith that his money has rendered him above the law. 

Bob Dylan has covered this song four times himself, so it's clear that Bob finds Warren Zevon an interesting cat:

"Lawyers, Guns and Money. . . sort of straddles the line between heartfelt and primeval. His musical patterns are all over the place, probably because he’s classically trained. There might be three separate songs within a Zevon song, but they’re all effortlessly connected. Zevon was a musician’s musician, a tortured one. “Desperado Under the Eaves.” is good, too. It’s all in there". -Bob Dylan

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