Man has Invented His Doom: Essential Dylan # 14

Sweetheart Like You
You might think Bob sounds tired, but after repeat listens it becomes clear that he’s still trying to fight through romantic, spiritual, and political muck. This song, complete with an easygoing guitar riff, nicely demonstrates Bob’s ability to turn a phrase, and to match surprising lines of wit with a (supposed) romantic story. This song comes fresh off the 1983 album Infidels. Bob wanted to call it Survival in a Ruthless World. Don’t feel like you need to call across cut glass to listen to this song, but know that it’s river runs deep. In fact, the more I think about it, maybe the song I and I should've been picked here. Leonard Cohen liked it, but that's for a later time. So yes, indeed, kick back in your plush chair and declare the end to Bob's religious era here while you listen. Remember, though, the ruthless world is just as downbeat, and the grooves are just a deep.

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