A 90's Alt Country Band, Instrumental Tracks, and the Meaning of Life

Uncle Tupelo
What do you value more in music- the sound music itself or the lyrics? 

Of course, the answer is somewhere in between. Or maybe somewhere else. It's all about tone, spirit, and meaning. A sense of life. The following instrumental track from alt-country friends Uncle Tupelo fits the bill. This acoustic jam finds its joy mixed in with a touch of aching sadness, a tone that reminds us that life is short, and it is to be lived purposefully. Somehow, Uncle T was able to communicate that truth by just playing instruments- the acoustic guitar, the banjo, the bass and the drums. As Bob Dylan ironically sings in "Standing in the Doorway" there's "nothing to be gained by any explanation/ no words need to be said". Sometimes the music just has the right inflection. The right motion to give you just what you need. Take from it what you will- this one's a giver. 

"Living is not a contest of duration, but a pageant of meaning. . . everyone's days are numbered and measured more in meaning than in minutes". -David Wolpe's recent column in the New York Jewish Week

 You can view the column here.

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