Shuffle: Reviewing 5 Random Songs

"Hello in There" by John Prine
John Prine: he's everybody's uncle who writes as mind bending, imaginative songs as anyone on the planet.  Prine is so easy going and conversational, even with his acoustic guitar, that the heaviness and depth of his lyrics creep up on you to powerful effect. His songs are like long drama films that finish in three minutes, and say plenty. Here, let his trusty, midwestern voice sit right next to you for a minute. His tales will stick with you even longer.

"Crawling Back to You" Tom Petty
Petty is solid, the PB&J of rock. He won't disappoint. He seems to get weird for a second with a flute in the beginning of this one, but eventually he settles into a tight, minor key groove that deals with emotional landscapes from California to Tuscon. For Petty, this song is a bit more sprawl that grit, and that is a-ok.

"Wild Ones" Flo Rida
Ah, the forgotten pop tunes from the summer of 2012. Obama and Romney were shaping up for an old fashioned red tie moderate vs. blue tie technocrat battle for America's presidency. Oh, the simple times. Flo Rida, take us back to the backyard party with light beer and high humidity.

"Voodoo Child" Jimi Hendrix
I can remember the first time I ever heard this song. It was my sophomore year of high school, and in U.S history class we were watching a documentary on the Vietnam war. A lone green helicopter was shown flying about the jungle, and "Voodoo Child" was introduced. Jimi's guitar sounds mangily and magic in the beginning, and then the band kicks in: it's heavy, it's artillery, it is the 1960's. Jimi was the best. He could sum up just about anything with his guitar, all the madness, rage, and beauty. I always thought his voice was underrated, too. Bob Dylan once said that Hendrix sent songs into the stratosphere. I couldn't put it any better.

"Cello Gonzales" Chilly Gonzales
Chilly Gonzalez has built a career making ear pleasing, moody piano music. It's simple yet elegant, like the original iPod. Sometimes you'll think you're shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, but hey, I like this one:

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