Comedy Series: Trump vs. Bernie

No, I'm not taking a detour into politics. Just comedy. Why not? The comedic series Trump vs. Bernie imagines an alternate reality in which two cankerous New Yorkers square off for the most powerful job in the world. The series serves as a powerful reminder of the absurdity of our current president and state of democracy in the United States.

Here, comedian Anthony Atamanuik plays Donald Trump. Atamanuik nail's Trump's absurd hand gymnastics, pronunciation of China, and general mode of speaking in half formed sentences. Unlike Alec Baldwin's stale impersonation, Atamanuik is not afraid to poke the edges of the fire to stir up not only some hilarity but, in some ways, exposes the vapid culture that allowed someone like Donald Trump to become president in the first place.

Fellow Comedian James Adomian, who in the past has performed magically as wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, does a fantastic job with Bernie Sanders. He translates Bernie as a lovable, grumpy, old school lefty Brooklynite (who somehow can reference Super Mario, the board-game Risk, and the computer game Age of Empires). As "they" say on the internet: highly recommended, video below:
Special Note on Alec Baldwin:
A little bit more on Baldwin: he is only decent at impersonating Trump because his personality is so similar. For example, he disparaged baristas and flight attendants, and then cut a commercial for Capital One making light of those incidents. I can't think of anything more Trump-like. Baldwin might as well let his limousine splash a muddy puddle onto a homeless dude while it screeches away en route to a trendy SoHo restaurant. 

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