Notes of Post 1990 Dylan Playlist, Part 1

Please visit the last post for more on Bob's career from 1990 onward. Part 1 of the playlist below:

What was it You Wanted?
Dark, brooding, and boxed into a corner, Bob questions the every move of his ex lover over a murky harmonica and minor key shuffle. Almost sounds like it could've been a Neil Young song from On the Beach.

Everything is Broken
One of Bob's "list" songs, as he neatly captures the fallen world in a few minutes over a bubbly guitar that seems to enlarge and disappear with frequency. This song is basically a long list written in pen on a restaurant napkin. 

Not Dark Yet
A beautiful, shimmering tune straight from the lakes of Minnesota. For more on this song, see here.

Standing in the Doorway
A romantic ballad documenting that forlorn feeling that can come up on a humid night in the city. For more about this song (kinda), see here: Bob Dylan-Standing in the Doorway and Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You
A close cousin to Standing in the Doorway, as the same feeling is transported from the city to the desert of West Texas. Slow blues soup is traded for a guitar, keys, and drums on edge. Again, for more about this song (kinda), see here: Dreaming of You Link

God Knows 
A straightforward rocker that details the variances of feelings on earth from the perspective of  an eternal and unchanging sun. 

Most of the Time (Tall Tale Signs Version)
A totally sober, windswept acoustic tune that includes a memorable phrase that is guaranteed to give you pause. For more on this song, please see this page about Most of the Time.

Join Bob and his thoughts as he journeys to a restaurant in Boston. The whole kitchen sink is thrown in here. Turn up the sound and listen to a micro travelogue that probably only makes it three physical blocks, but explores the small spaces with detail and wonder. As usual, Bob's got one eye on the exit, too. 

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