Heart in the Highlands: Best of Bob Dylan 1989-Present

In 1997's Time out of Mind, Bob Dylan escaped death and emerged from the dust, laying down profound songs of life and mortality. With Time out of Mind, Bob busted through his disjointed and lost material of the 1980s and once again became the wordsmith and performer whose could elevate the everyday. Well, at least that's how the popular narrative goes.

I've always been a fan of Bob's work in the 1980's, so I don't discount gems like "Jokerman", "Sweetheart Like You", "Tight Connection to My Heart", "Brownsville Girl", "What was it You Wanted?", "Most of the Time". . . the list goes on. According to the evidence, Bob didn't need to emerge from anything but a track record of great songs. Still, 1990's and forward Bob constitutes a distinct Dylan era. His voice got hoarse, but remained just as expressive. His song writing has elevated his status as a modern Walt Whitman with a performers bent. And the touring never stopped. Below, I summarize the best of post 1997 Bob Dylan. 

What was it You Wanted?
Everything is Broken
Not Dark Yet
Standing in the Doorway
Dreaming of You
God Knows 
Most of the Time (Tall Tale Signs Version)

Things Have Changed
Love Sick
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
High Water
Cross the Green Mountain

Thunder on the Mountain
Nettie Moore
Spirit on the Water
Beyond Here Lies Nothing
I Feel a Change Coming On

Early Roman Kings
Pay in Blood
Duquesne Whistle
Scarlet Town
I Could Have Told You

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