Chevy Suburban: Breaking Down Brandi Carlile

Imagine a long road. At one end of the road is the soaring voice of Adele, and at the other end rests the songwriting and guitar chops of Gillian Welch. Somewhere in the middle, there, under partly sunny skies is Brandi Carlile, driving an over-sized Chevy Suburban with a feeling or two to let loose.

Carlile has just enough of the Hollywood magic in her to gain some degree of mass appeal, but not enough to render her songs shallow. In fact, she's an amazing songwriter, great singer, and keen observer of the human condition.

Recently, Carlile's 6th studio album was released- By the Way I Forgive You. "Mother, the 7th track, is a pretty good one:

Thank you to my sister Rach for turning me on to Carlile's unique talent!


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