Kendrick Joins Dylan: A Pulitzer Prize!

Here at 95 North, we love Bob Dylan and Kendrick Lamar. While Bobby won a Nobel Prize for literature in 2017, we were all elated to discover that Kendrick Lamar's got one now, too. Recently, Lamar won the Pulitzer prize for music. Noticeably, he is the first non-jazz/non-classical musician to win the prize, according to the New Yorker. To honor the occasion, click here to read 95 North's overview of the best of Kendrick Lamar, who, along with Bob Dylan, write some of the best American music my ears have been lucky enough to take in. I've been educated, enthralled, mystified, appropriately saddened and enlivened (emotional intelligence?), and generally enriched by the music of these two human beings for a long time.

Image result for bob dylan kendrick lamarImage result for bob dylan kendrick lamar

Educated: Lamar-"Institutionalized"
Enthralled: Lamar- "DNA"
Mystified: Lamar- "Duckworth"
Saddened: Lamar-"Sing About Me (I'm Dying of Thirst)
Enlivened: Lamar- "Money Trees"
Enriched: Lamar- "How Much a Dollar Cost"

Educated: Dylan- "With God on Our Side"
Enthralled: Dylan- "Visions of Johanna"
Mystified: Dylan- "I and I"
Saddened: Dylan- "Dirge"
Enlivened: Dylan- "Watching the River Flow"
Enriched: Dylan- "Simple Twist of Fate"

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