List of Fascinating Americans

Running List of interesting Americans. . . 

Jonathan Edwards preacher

Ben Franklin early celebrity 

Tom Paine political pamphlet author

Abigail Adams early American figure and presidential spouse

Sacagawea Native American guide

Nat Turner lead a slave rebellion

Abe Lincoln Civil War President

John Brown Attempted to lead a violent overthrow of slavery

Susan B. Anthony Women's rights activist 

Frederick Douglas Early American intellectual 

Harriet Tubman facilitated freedom & escapes north

Robert E. Lee Confederate general 

Sitting Bull Lakota Sioux holy man and chief

Emily Dickinson New England recluse and poet

Mark Twain American author, witty

Black Elk- Lakota Sioux holy man, carried on tradition though 1930 book, follower of Crazy Horse

Richard Wright southerner, writer of memoirs and fiction

Helen Keller Blind-deaf activist and educator

Upton Sinclair muckraker-Chicago journalist

Billy Sunday baseball player and preacher

Woody Guthrie folksinger

Dorothy Day Social activist, Catholic 

Flannery O'connor Southern Gothic writer

Franklin Delano Roosevelt President during the depression & WWII

Eugene Debs American socialist and presidential candidate

Huey Long Lousiana Govenor

Billie Holiday Jazz singer from Philly

JFK Assassinated president

Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated civil rights leader

Lyndon B. Johnson Texas politician and president

Ed Murrow Newsman who burned through the 50s

Nina Simone Southern singer and songwriter

Allen Ginsberg Jewish beat poet

Malcolm X Nation of Islam, activist 

Jimmy Carter Peanut farmer president

Cesar Chavez  labor organizer

Billy Graham North Carolina preacher

Muhammad Ali Boxer

Bob Dylan Greatest American songwriter

George Carlin Boundary pushing comedian
 Abraham Joshua Heschel, Rabbi and theologian

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Justice

Raymond Carver Northwestern short story writer
Thomas Merton Catholic Mystic

Tupac Shakur rapper and poet from Baltimore

Rabbi Harold Kushner Rabbi and author

Rev. Cornell West Public intellectual and socialist

Ralph Nader activist consumer advocate, and president candidate

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